Reiki Dragon Complementary Therapies
Assisting others in their road to healing.




We all walk our paths the best we can.
Some immersed in  spirit, some in the
solid Earth and reality.We must however
realize that no being in this earth
stands fully alone.
From time to time we all need to connect,
from time to time we all need to heal
and be healed.
The need for healing is what Reiki Dragon Complementary Therapies is about.
Whether is a healing service, a class or an event. The focus
behind what I do is to assist you in your road to healing, and give you tools
that you can use for your own progress in your path to spirit!.
Reiki Dragon is dedicated to the practice and instruction of Reiki and other
complementary Therapies in the Seattle area.
I hold classes in those subjects in Seattle area locations.
We also do one on one healing, take a good look through our website
and learn about our wonderful Healing Services
and dont forget tolook in the News & Events section for our next class or event.
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Disclaimer: I am a provider of complementary therapies.
My services are meant to help the healing process along with
conventional medical practices. My services are Not meant to be
substitutes for medical treatment of any kind. I reserve the Right
to Refuse service to anyone who may need medical treatment of any 
kind ( to include psychological/psychiatric care) and is not currently 
receiving it. 

    Reiki Dragon Complimetary Therapies LLC

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