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Energy Healing

Reiki for People, Pets and Spaces

About CM


 Trained in the traditional Japanese system of Usui Reiki Ryōhō, CM is a Reiki Master Teacher who has been studying Reiki since 2014. His interest began as a way to support healing from past trauma and now serves to bring heart-centered energy to his students, his life and relationships.

 CM shares the teachings of Usui's Reiki with others who seek to live in greater harmony with themselves and the people in their lives. In practice, Reiki leads the individual to a spiritual path for greater union with Source/Spirit. It enhances our mind-body connection, supports health and wellbeing, and brings healing to the hearts and minds of those who receive and practice the method.

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About Me

A Reiki practice offers a gentle flow of universal ki'
energy to balance one's energetic field and harmonize all systems of
the mind-body-spirit connection, supporting our natural ability to heal.

Usui Reiki Ryōhō is a 100+ year old healing practice, developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. The tradition has been passed down from teacher to student, using a system of attunements to help activate a student's energy healing abilities. Reiki was brought to the West by Sensei Usui's students and has spread throughout the world, widely recognized as a powerful healing methodology.


Reiki is universal life energy that comes from an infinite source. It is the primal life-force energy of the Universe that surrounds and permeates all living beings. "Rei" represents the highest spiritual intelligence of the Universe, informing all systems of Spirit and life. "Ki"represents the primal life-sustaining energy of everything in the Universe. Reiki is universal life energy guided by one's higher-self, in union with Source and the wisdom of the Universe.


When a Reiki practitioner offers treatment it is free from any negative force, promoting only the purest form of love, peacefulness, compassion and unity. When attuned, the practitioner's hands direct a high concentration of Reiki energy onto their own energy bodies for balance and wellbeing, bringing healing to the hearts, minds and bodies of those who practice. Reiki can bring no-harm and serves only the highest good of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies restoring beings to optimal function.

About Reiki
Your Sessin

Private Reiki for People, Pets and Spaces


  10 minutes to get acquainted

  Begins with sound bath of gentle chime to    

  clear the energy field and prepare for Reiki

  20 minutes Calming & Balancing the energy

  channels with gentle hands-on Reiki

  15 minutes Energy Movement & Clearing

  done with Reiki movement attuned hands

  moving  energy around the body

  5 minutes Grounding

  5 minutes Reiki protection blessing using

  heart-centered energy

  Finish with bell sounds to reawaken the

  body- mind-spirit connection.

3-sessions in a 30-day period recommended.

50-minute Session - $175
Energy Balancing & Protection

20-minutes additional to target specific areas of pain caused by trauma or injury. Concentrate of Reiki to focus on affected areas.

  - knee pain

  - wrist injury

  - back pain

  - shoulder, neck

  - migraines

  - autoimmune disease

  - cancer recovery, chemotherapy recovery

  - addiction

  - additional grounding

  - emotional pain

20-minute add-on - $25
Reiki to target specific pain

10 minutes to get acquainted owner & pet

20 minutes Calming & Balancing the energy channels with gentle hands-on Reiki (note for pets with behavioral issues or pain, Reiki will be given hands-off)

5 minutes Reiki protection blessing using heart-centered energy & soothing talk

Debrief with owner

Animal Reiki Session - $150
Energy Healing In Your Home

Same service as 50-minute session, modified for child. Helps with the following:

  - calms issues related to fear and anxiety

  - athletic injury

  - gender and identity issues

  - general well-being

  - depression

  - mobility issues

  - sleep issues, nightmares

Reiki for Children - $150
Parent must be present in room

Session time and fees may be higher for larger spaces. Perfect for

  - Move-in Energy Clearing of prior residents

  - Increased flow, home health, happiness

  - Clearing negativity

  - Nightmares, sadness, loss clearing

  - Adds protection for space and occupants

  - Increase success, wealth, abundance

Home/Office Space Clearing 1.5 hours - $225

My Reiki Sessions focus on the needs of the individual. I work to create a safe, open space for all. 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ family are welcome here. 🏳️‍🌈


The intention I hold for new students of REIKI is to teach the individual student at an introductory level. We learn the history of REIKI with is roots in Japanese tradition, we learn a practice of self-care and wellbeing, and conclude with initiation (Reiju) and Level I certification.

My practice group students receive:

  - 6-sessions of one-on-one practice for 30-minutes, once a week (in person or virtual)

  - Information about the practice of 3 DIAMONDS REIKI meditation for self-care and wellbeing

  - Ongoing support from Master Teacher CM

  - Level I Certificate - Reiju (Initiation)

By the end of the sessions, students will be familiar with Usui Reiki Ryōhō, understand and commit to live in alignment with the 5-Principles of Reiki, be initiated into REIKI Level I, know the exact Lineage of teachers traced back to Master Mikao Usui, know and be able to use a powerful practice of self-care for ultimate wellbeing.

Students receive my caring approach to attaining this sacred wisdom,  the practice of 3 DIAMONDS REIKI meditation and have my ongoing support in their own practice and integration.

New Students - Weekly Practice Group


The Reiki Gokai

Use these sacred principles daily in order to create mental balance, inner-peace, wisdom and happiness in your life. The Gokai are the foundation of an ethical practice of Reiki and work as your roadmap for spiritual development and personal healing.

Just for today...

    I will not anger

    I will not worry

    I will be grateful

    I will do my true calling

    I show compassion to self and others

New Students

Contact Me for an Appointment or for a Free 15-minute Zoom to learn more about Reiki.

CM Piper in Edmonds, WA

Thanks for submitting! I will respond within 24-hours.

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